The requirement for all dogs boarding at camp k9:

All dogs must have yearly shots (dapp or dappl), rabies, bordetella(kennel cough), and flea and tick protection ( we recommend nexguard, or frontline).

Also please bring your own food and any supplements or medication.

Prices for our Pet Boarding in Marana, AZ

At Camp K9 we believe that one price should include everything that would be involved in our pet boarding in Marana, AZ. The prices include medication, playtime, treats, almost everything except pick up and drop off and baths, which are listed below.


Boarding fees begin the first day no matter what time your pup comes out and recur every day at 12.

1 dog per day                                                                                               25.00/day

2 dogs per day                                                                                             40.00/day

3 dogs per day                                                                                             50.00/day

each additional dog is and extra 10.00/day


Pet sitting:

Pet and puppy sitting services begin at 25.00 per visit/30 min.  Prices may vary only when extra time is requested or is needed.


Pick up and Drop off service for our boarders:

10.00 each way, extra charges may incur for clients who live past a 30min radius for our pet boarding services.

Quick bath:

15.00 per dog